Stanley Idaho Tourism

Stanley Idaho TourismJust over the Galena Summit, you’ll find the small community of Stanley, the spirit of the Wild West, in the heart of the Sawtooth National Recreation Area.
Stanley is the only location in America where three National Forest Scenic Byways converge. These are the Sawtooth, the Ponderosa Pine and Salmon River Byways. Stanley and the Sawtooth Valley provide a myriad of recreational opportunities.

In the splendor of the Sawtooth Mountains, Stanley is a playground for all seasons. There is much to see and do no matter what time of year you visit. See it with fishing, biking, rafting, hiking, climbing, skiing or sledding. Feel it while soaking in a natural hotspring, visiting a ghost town or museum, taking a nature walk or reading a book by the lake. You can even watch the Chinook salmon return home after swimming 900 miles to their birthplace beneath the peaks. You can also photograph wildlife in the meadows full of flowers. Whatever your mode of transportation, foot, skis, horseback, snowmobile, kayak or car you won’t want to miss it!

When the aspen leaves turn to red and gold in the fall, visitors can take advantage of reduced lodging rates, uncrowded trails in the Sawtooth and White Cloud Mountains. You can have a quieter and more leisurely vacation with crisp mornings and golden afternoons. Autumn is ideal for hiking, climbing, photography, fishing, hunting, boating, scenic air tours or simply enjoying the colors.

Air Taxi Services offer breathtaking scenic flights through the majestic Sawtooth, White Cloud, Pioneer and Boulder Mountain Ranges. Bring your camera and lots of film, you never know what you may see!

Winter brings a carpet of white powder and incredible blue skies. The Sawtooth Valley offers snowmobiling, cross-country skiing, hut skiing, snowshoeing and ski mountaineering, wildlife viewing, sightseeing and photography. It is a winter wonderland that a visitor won’t want to miss

Stanley is blessed in the spring with the return of the famous Salmon River steelhead, ocean-going rainbow trout, which many call the region’s premier game fish. These spectacular fish return to local streams after spending about two years in the Pacific Ocean, growing to over two feet long. Just seeing these magnificent fish is unforgettable, lucky fishermen see them close at hand. In late spring the valley is carpeted with wildflowers of all colors. Visitors will be able to see elk herds in the open meadows throughout the valley.

In May and June, rafters and kayakers take advantage of riding the white water rapids of the Main and Middle Forks of the Salmon River. Equipment rental is available locally and expert guides and outfitters are also available.

Summer is Stanley’s busiest season. This awesome mountain paradise provides unsurpassed experiences in outdoor recreation of all kinds. Stanley has it all: fishing, rafting, floating, kayaking, biking, swimming, water-skiing, sailboarding, hiking, climbing, horseback riding, scenic flights, trails for ATVS, ghost towns and museums. Stanley is nothing less than a postcard-perfect scene.

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