Fairfield Idaho Tourism

Fairfield Idaho TourismFairfield is located at the base of the pristine Soldier Mountain Range. Prior to the settlement of Camas County, the Bannock Indians used the Prairie as their summer camping area.

Here they gathered the Camas and Yampus roots and hunted wild game. Historically, the town of Soldier, located two miles north of Fairfield was a bustling center of commerce, culture and social activity.

The arrival of the Oregon Short Line Railroad in 1911 brought the decline of Soldier. Some of the buildings were moved and the city of Fairfield began to grow. Several historic buildings still remain standing from the 1882 era that boomed with sheepherders, cattlemen, ranchers, miners and local town folk.

Today, Fairfield attracts recreation enthusiasts to golf, ski, snowmobile and enjoy the forest trails by horseback, hiking, biking, camping and off-road travel. Fairfield is only a few minutes from Mormon Reservoir and Magic Reservoir, both excellent locations to boat and fish.

The Centennial Marsh Wildlife Refuge is home to numerous birds species and is a popular attraction to bird-watchers. In mid to late spring, the marsh and many other parts of the Prairie become a bluish purple sea of Camas Lilies.

Remember, the first weekend of August is the annual Camas County 4-H Fair. Year-round, Fairfield, Idaho, has something to offer. Visit the Caboose for more interesting information about Camas County.

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