Jerome Idaho Tourism

Jerome Idaho TourismJerome is a community as rich in diversity as the landscapes that surround it. With more than 25,000 people in the greater Jerome area, the City continues to grow and expand in both its size and economy.

As a central location to almost every recreational venue in southern Idaho, Jerome has something to offer for everyone. Ask any resident, Jerome is the Magic of the Valley.

With many businesses considering Jerome for future location and the wide variety of new housing opportunities, it is projected that the City’s population will reach 15,000 by the year 2015. Businesses are attracted to Jerome because of the stability of existing, well-established businesses, convenient transportation systems, the quality of prospective employees, and the cooperation they receive from local organizations and government. Families are attracted to Jerome because of its way-of-life, friendly residents, services, education systems, lower than average crime rates, and our small town environment.

Jerome’s robust economy is largely dependent on agriculture and value-added agriculture products and commodities. The City of Jerome has been working diligently to diversify the economic base to include manufacturing, industrial, and a vibrant services industry. Even during tough economic times, the City’s economic development team still receives frequent inquiries into the powerful benefits of doing business in Jerome.

Whether you are a fisherman looking for sturgeon on the Snake River, a ski-bum hoping to stay close to Sun Valley, a businessperson looking for the ideal location with a low cost of doing business, or somebody looking for the best place to raise a family, we hope you will consider Jerome when visiting or considering southern Idaho. As we say in Jerome, Welcome Home to Jerome!

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