Homedale Idaho Tourism

le Idaho TourismMore than a small-rural Idaho town; it’s a place of quality country living. Homedale is located along the great Snake River in Southwest Idaho. It’s rolling hills are tailored and groomed with alfalfa, corn, wheat crops and Idaho’s treasured vineyards.

Homedale is the largest of the many towns that dot the landscape of Owyhee County. Jacob Mussell was the first known permanent settler in the area when, in 1898, he built a ferry boat to help people cross the Snake River. The region is significant in Idaho History for many reasons. Not only is Owyhee County the second largest in the state, it was also the first county formed by the Idaho Territorial Legislature in 1863.

One branch of the Oregon Trail crossed through Owyhee County. And rich mineral deposits brought miners high into the Owyhee Mountains to places like Silver City (much of Silver City is still standing and is a popular recreational destination). The railroad, coupled with irrigation, helped turn Homedale and Owyhee County into a productive farming region.

Two cultures play a major part in the community of Homedale: Basque and Austrian. A large number of people with Austrian heritage live in an area south of the city called Austrian Town.

The town now attracts people looking for the quiet, comfortable and close-knit life that can be had here in rural Idaho.

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