Glenns Ferry Idaho Tourism

Glenns Ferry Idaho TourismNestled along the banks of the Snake River between Boise and Twin Falls, Glenns Ferry is a Gem State Treasure. Glenns Ferry is most famous for the Oregon Trail river crossing where pioneers forded the dangerous waters of the Snake River.

In 1869 Gustavus “Gus” Glenn began a vital ferry service.

The town’s identity honors both Gus’s name and the service he initiated. Visitors enjoy camping under pristine star-filled skies at Three Island Crossing State Park, which offers both camping amenities and cabins April through October.

With a population of approximately 1,600, Glenns Ferry enjoys a mild climate and boasts 300 days of sunshine each year. The city maintains a library, a beautiful park with swimming pool, emergency services and an airport. City Market open May – October with fresh produce, local artisans, woodworkers, jewelry makers, food booths etc…

The Glenns Ferry Historical Museum began as the Glenns Ferry School; constructed with massive sandstone blocks quarried across the Snake River, it served as the primary and secondary school until 1965. In 1987 the building was listed on the National Historical Register. The museum features the rich and diverse history of the many people who have called this land home including Native American inhabitants, pioneers, sheep and cattle ranchers and railroad workers. The portraits, paintings, photographs and artifacts and historical rarities inspire a deep appreciation for our Western American heritage.

Glenns Ferry offers a variety of dining experiences, from casual to elegant and other diversions such as shopping and even a beautiful public golf course. The inhabitants of Glenns Ferry proudly reflect their pioneer spirit; with unlimited potential and an eye to the future, residents still honor the past. Glenns Ferry has much to offer tourists, new industry, outdoor enthusiasts and those looking to make a new home.

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